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               JOIN OUR FAMILY                You're not just a customer, you're family!


                    The Owner


   Mr. William Lomicky has over 20 years servicing the great people of Florida. Mr. Lomicky has sold thousands of trucks and trailers with one objective in mind, which is to create the opportunity for you to become an over-the-road driver.

   Elite Truck & Trailer Sales has built a solid reputation in the trucking industry by providing high-quality, pre-owned Trucks & Trailers to customers who want to maximize the value of purchasing dollars. We stand behind the trucks & trailers we sell with integrity, honor, and respect.   We pride ourselves on personalized customer service, we will provide you the one-on-one service you deserve. 



We know that our company's greatness comes from our employees. In the same way that you support us to be our best, we support you to be your best. From warehouse staff to contracted drivers, we lookout for all of our crew.


                                           HIGH STANDARDS

Sure, we have high standards for our employees, but we have high standards for ourselves, too! We want to be a company that you are proud to be a part of. We pride ourselves on making ethical choices at the center of our business plan.


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